Webinar 8 – July 15 (2020)

Disarming Diabetes From countries like the US and Australia to India and China, type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing problem, not just because of how it effects an individual’s quality of life but because it also puts an enormous…


Disarming Diabetes
From countries like the US and Australia to India and China, type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing problem, not just because of how it effects an individual’s quality of life but because it also puts an enormous financial strain on already struggling health care systems. In this session, participants learn about the history of research into type 2 diabetes and what modern science shows we can do ourselves to help avoid, as well as manage and reverse the symptoms of this debilitating chronic disease.
Diabetes and pre-diabetes have been around for years and have been getting worse over the past several decades. It’s interesting that only certain pandemics are getting global attention at this time in history but the pandemic of diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health problems are not getting such attention. The risk of diabetes and the incidents of disability and death are staggering and we need to pay as much attention to this pandemic as we are too the coronavirus pandemic. 
A diagnosis is made for diabetes when a blood test is done and shows an elevated level of blood sugar. The A1C blood test gives information about the average blood sugar over the prior three months. But it’s important to understand that the diagnostic criteria are not the same as the etiology of the disease. Diabetes has been termed the “mother of all diseases.”
One of the major complications is erectile dysfunction often referred to as “the canary in the coal mine.” This can simply be explained by the fact that arteries inside the penis are very small and as arterial inflammation develops inside an artery it obstructs blood flow and results in inability of the organ to function normally. The canary in the coal mine story is important because this is often times how we end up diagnosing individuals with heart disease. The etiology is one in the same. 
When looking at the etiology of diabetes it’s important to understand the role that fat plays. We know that saturated fat interferes with the function of the insulin receptor resulting in a higher risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes. We also know that the majority of diabetics suffer from cardiovascular disease associated with high blood lipid levels.
Diabetes is a complex medical problem associated with obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension And, other disorders that are classified as metabolic syndrome. In short, individuals with metabolic syndrome or at risk for cardiovascular complications. 
* A complex metabolic problem (DM, obesity, hyperlipidemia, HTN, etc.) = MetSyn
* CV disease – the most common complication of DM
* Treatment – medications versus lifestyle
Treatment for diabetes in traditional medical practices almost always is based on pharmaceutical medications. Prescription drugs. But what many studies have shown is that lifestyle produces sometimes better results than medications do. When we think about lifestyle we often talk about what people eat. Their diet. And most people believe that carbohydrates are the enemy and therefore maintain a very low carbohydrate diet. 
I can tell you carbohydrates are not the enemy. And I can also tell you that chip is a blessing for diabetics since the chip program teaches people had to eat the types of carbohydrates that they should be eating namely plant-based carbohydrates. This is why CHIP is such a blessing for diabetics.
Exercise a significant part of the treatment of diabetes and even the prevention. When talking about an exercise prescription We need to focus on both aerobic exercise and resistance training. The research clearly shows the significant benefits of aerobic exercise and resistance training in the treatment, reversal and prevention of diabetes and pre-diabetes. 
Plant based nutrition programs or a significant part of the solution for the treatment, reversal and prevention of diabetes and pre-diabetes individuals with pre-diabetes should be treated the same way as those with full blown diabetes. Health care providers have to work to minimize the cardiovascular risks and the disability and death associated with heart disease in diabetics. 
Thank you again for being champions of lifestyle medicine, facilitators of the chip program and either active members or graduates of the chip program. 
* “CHIP Session 7 Trailer” (Dr. Avery @ 0:00)
* “What Is Diabetes?” (Diehl @ 3:32)
* “Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Explained” (Diehl @ 7:01)
* “Diet & Lifestyle Solutions” (Diehl @ 8:37)
* “Exercise and Diabetes” (Darren Morton @ 17:12)

1. Can you become a diabetic from eating “good” fats (excluding animal products)? (@ 26:13)
2. Does keeping your insulin levels low help reduce the problem of insulin resistance? (@ 27:13)
3. With gyms closing, do you have recommendations for overall resistance exercises? (@ 28:41)

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