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The music track ‘Venus by day’ composed by Raphael Vanoli can be found at these links: (For the full story, scroll down to below) Deezer Spotify Youtube Bandcamp Film by Udo Prinsen • Mini Music…


The music track ‘Venus by day’ composed by Raphael Vanoli can be found at these links:
(For the full story, scroll down to below)


Film by Udo Prinsen • Mini Music Movies

Snow in Water Records

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Pump It Up Magazine (USA)
Bub Webzine (France)
Julien Naït-Bouda (journaliste musical presse écrite – France)
Last Day Leaf (USA)
Tinnitist (Canada)
Baron Mag (Canada)
Mr Fichon (journaliste musical radio – France)
Inspotmusic (Netherlands)
Indéflagration (France)
Boulimique de Musique (France)

“A strong haunting vibe enriched by beautiful whispers. This track flow from top to bottom with a gentle but insistent energy” (Pump it Up Magazine)

“A really peculiar sound universe” (Indeflagration)

“An avant-garde music, which includes as many things from jazz as from experimental electronics and a touch of drone for its slowly evolving and extremely enchanting sound tapestries. The subtle vocals intrigue the eardrums, while this minimalist work “ethereal atmosphere takes dreams into a parallel dimension. A work as poignant as it is stimulating.” (Boulimique de Musique)

“A work of excellence in composition and interpretation.” (Le Gros Tas de Zic)

“A work with a largely cinematic sound resonance and which can in fact be akin to library music. A functionalist dimension necessarily invoked by the atmospheric dimension erected by this vaporous musical aesthetic and which then declines to the spirit of landscapes, ambiances more than affects. It is in this sense a very successful project. ” (Julien Naït-Bouda)

“A sensitive experience which gives rise to a certain mystery.” (Bub Webzine)Venus by day was created by
Raphaël Vanoli (Guitars, Electronics)
Wolfert Brederode (Piano)
Hilary Jeffery (Tuba, Trombone)
Frank Rosaly (Electronics, Synth)
Gerri Jäger (Cymbals, Electronics)
Niels Meliefste (Marimba)
Sandhya Sanjana (Voice)
Bien de Moor (Voice)
Lena Glücksmann Nilsson (Voice)
Ensemble Silbersee: Glenn Helberg (Text, Voice), Jennifer van der Hart (Soprano) Fanny Alofs (Alto), Łukasz Wilda (Tenor), Maciej Straburzynski (Bass)
Sandor Caron (Mix, Mastering)
Udo Prinsen (Film Director)
Klaus Vanoli (Visuals)

Directorial notes by Udo Prinsen
Venus by day was created from a fascination for stargazing during daytime. As Venus turns around the sun she changes her looks. From a full Venus she becomes a crescent, then grows back to full glowing planet. In the meantime she changes from evening star to morning star and back again. All in the duration of 0,6 earth year while spinning on her own axis clockwise in a wonderful slowness of 224.7 earth days. All other planets turn anti-clockwise and in much faster speed. Venus seems of a different kind, a beautiful inspiration.

This factor of time is fascinating. It has been a theme in my other works so far and is yet another motivator to share my wonder for time and space. The creation of Venus by day happened during the Covid19 period. Raphael had a lot of time on his hand to make the music piece he had in mind grow into an epic 1 hour and 40 minute piece of art.

When the lock down period was over I could travel with Raphael to his parental house in Germany and meet his loving parents and especially ‘the beast’ as Raphael called the telescope his father built over the last decades. With this beautiful apparatus he had been recording Venus almost every day of the lock down period. Ironically, it was such beautiful weather to go out and luckily the premises is big enough to allow him to do that. For me it was a key moment as up to then I did not know exactly what could become of all this. We have music, we have recordings, but what is the context to work with as a visual artist and film maker ?

While being present I gained a lot of information and I could film Klaus while he demonstrated how the telescope works. With all this information I created a first videoclip that portrays two men, one artist, one scientist collaborating on a beautiful project. We see though their eyes what they see and share with us: Venus by day.

The footage shot by Klaus Vanoli was used in a poetic artistic way, free of scientific accuracy. We want to give you a meditative experience with this film, it is not designed to educate. So if you are looking for accuracy on where Venus could, would or should be in the sky according to our presence in time in the universe, this film is not the place. For the future we hope to grow ‘Venus by Day’ into an art meets science multi media project.

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