Tummy Tuck Final Results… ETA?

It’s important to know what to expect when it comes to seeing your final tummy tuck results. Keyword: patience. In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Dr. Jeremy Pyle and Gretta Nance walk you through a typical tummy tuck…


It’s important to know what to expect when it comes to seeing your final tummy tuck results. Keyword: patience.

In this educational (AND fun!) Amelia Academy video, Dr. Jeremy Pyle and Gretta Nance walk you through a typical tummy tuck results timeline, and help set your expectation on when the glorious final results will show up!

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So, I want to have a tummy tuck. Okay, so I did have a tummy tuck.
Good news? Bad news?
I already did that. How long is it going to take me to see my full results?
If I’m planning backwards, how long should I give myself?
This is such a different psychological experience for different people.
There are some people who struggled with this thing
for a long time and who at a week are like, this is the greatest.
I love it. It’s so wonderful. Then, there’s other people that at three months who are
still seeing like a couple of millimeters of swelling
and their like, this isn’t good enough.
Then for most people, they’re somewhere in between. Seeing results for a tummy tuck
is a challenging thing for some people and less challenging and more exciting for others.
What we’re talking about today is the middle of a bell curve of a process
and so the normal is something along the lines of this.
You go home bruised and angry at me.
Two or three days later,
you take the Garment off to shower, you look in the mirror,
it looks weird. It looks swollen. There’s indentations here,
it looks full there. Is it supposed to be like that?
Something as subtle as which direction you lean in the
car on the ride home can change your swelling
for the first couple of weeks.
So it’s like why is this side different that side?
For the early on results, the answer is not yet
because going to take a while. Then, six weeks is
when a person is usually told they don’t need to wear the garment anymore.
What they find at six weeks
is that when you wake up in the morning, it’s pretty good.
You’ve had time for your body to rest and the swelling tends to go away.
Then, as your day goes on, you get more and more swollen,
especially in certain areas.
I think swelling goes away in like a very predictable pattern after liposuction
or abdominoplasty and that is, the area around the ribs here goes away first,
that’s about six to eight weeks for most people. Above the belly button goes away next.
That’s about 8 to 10 weeks for most people.
Between the belly button and the incision
goes away next that’s around 10 to 12 weeks for most people.
Then, 12 to 18 weeks for the area around the back.
So, this is the last area for the swelling to go away for most people.
Once that swelling starts to go away,
that’s when a person would consider the result is pretty close to
what it’s going to be. But, there are still changes that happen.
There’s still swelling that goes away. If a person’s weight stays about the same,
they’ll continue to see improvements between three months
and all the way up to about a year.
As regards to the scar, which is an important part of a talk about a tummy tuck,
for most people that scar spends the first six weeks getting more noticeable
and then six weeks to about 12 months getting gradually less noticeable.
We tell people all the time it takes about a year
for a scar to heal, but I’ve noticed in people that come back
for surgeries or other things years down the line, like some
10 or 15 or 20 years down the line, those scars become very hard to see
for most people years and years out.
So I suspect the process happens
for many years where it gets better and harder to see, and better and harder to see for many years,
but it’s really hard to say to someone like hey,
when should I expect my scar to be nice? It’ll be at its final result 12 to 18 years from now.
For most people it’s just too far and it’s not practical.
So we tell people about 12 months is
when you’ll see most of the scar fading.
Three months is when we take all of our before and after photos,
so I always used to see people then and they would love their tummy tuck results.
I mean, especially when they saw that before to the three month.
But, keeping in touch with them I’d often hear, just like you’re saying, it’s six months
to nine months of “I think it’s gone down even more.”
So it continues, I agree with all those things you said.
We do a disservice to
people to some degree by taking photos at three months.
We should take him at nine months, or a year.
The problem is people often times will drive a fair amount of distance,
or travel a fair amount of distance for a visit here.
So, it’s pretty rude of me to be like, hey,
I’m gonna need to see your pictures in nine months. Could you spend four

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